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Activities at Biltmore Resort

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At the Biltmore Resort you can enjoy a friendly game of volleyball, badminton, basketball or tetherball. We have a "backyard" with playground equipment.

We have picnic tables available for our guests as well as charcoal grills. You can enjoy the company of the other guests by moving the tables where you want them. Share the bounty of the lake and make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

We maintain a clean pool for our guests. There is no life guard on duty.

You can go tubing on one of the local rivers or just play in the lake. Maybe you would rather do some water skiing or enjoy some other water activity. If you visit us in the fall you can enjoy the splendor of the color change of the forests around the Ozark Mountains. The color change usually takes place around the first 2 weeks on October. However, as with most things with Mother Nature, the timing is variable. It is a wonderful time to visit the Ozarks. The weather is usually warm and sunny during the day with crisp evenings.

After a day filled with activities you can relax and enjoy the sunset over Bull Shoals Lake!