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Fish Tails

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We have excellent fishing facilities that will make your trip convenient and pleasurable. Our private covered dock is well equipped for your boat docking and fishing needs. Call ahead for an up-to-date fishing report. Their are no closed seasons so we fish all year round.

Affordable Boat Rental
Rent a 24 ft. Pontoon Boat for a Great Price!
$175-Day, $165 per day-3 Days, $150 per day-5 Days
Note: Only a $25 cleaning fee deposit required

Fishing Tips

Spring - Mid March through the end of May is Prime Time. Use light line, small lures or live bait.
Bass: Back of coves, around flooded timber. Choose your weapon!
Crappie: Brush piles of flooded timber closest to shore on minnows or small lures. Walleye: Brush piles and flats, night crawlers on the bottom or diving crank baits.

Summer - Early: Same patterns as spring, but fish may be deeper. Catfish should start in on live bait or chicken livers. Fish the points.
Mid Summer: As temperatures rise fish move deeper.
Bass: Best early or late in the day with top water or on bottom with plastics.
Crappie: Best at night under floating lights or from our dock under the fish light!
Late Summer: Bass: Try long points and flats with crank baits and plastics in 10 to 30 feet of water. Crawdads and big shiners are your live bait choices.

Fall - Feeding Frenzy! Fish all species. Shallow during warm days, Fish go deeper as Temperature drops.
Bass: Deep diving crank baits or live bait 10 to 20 feet deep.
Crappie: Brush piles or sunken timber 10 to 20 feet deep.

Winter - The forgotten time for fishing! Bass: The big boys bite in the winter! Try jigging spoons in 30 to 40 feet of water or use large minnows. Fish in shallows on warm sunny days, you might be surprised! Crappie: Still hanging around brush piles and sunken timer between 25 to 35 feet deep, minnows are best bait choice. Walleye: Usually deep, 25 to 35 feet. Try large minnows, night crawlers or deep diving crank baits.