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Bull Shoals Lake offers miles and miles of natural shoreline for you to explore. The entire lake is your playground. There are enough coves and points and twists and turns to spend endless hours discovering them all.

The water of Bull Shoals Lake is the main attraction. It is clear, clean and deep. The water temperature goes up early in the spring and the water stays warm long into the fall. This extends our water sport seasons. Some of the best "smooth as glass" skiing conditions are in late September and early October.

Many of our guest enjoy long boat rides down into Arkansas maybe going to the Bull Shoals Dam. Others never go far from the Cove. Which ever you choose you'll still feel as if the entire lake is your playground. We have very little traffic. There is plenty of room for the boater, the fisherman, scuba divers, the jet ski's and other water sports.

The shoreline offers more fun for you and your family. We have a rocky shoreline with bluffs and cliffs, points and slopes. Many of our guest have spent time picnicking on a point, rock climbing, treasure hunting and hiking the many miles.

The fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Moon lit cruises, star gazing, sitting at the dock listening to the sound of the wildlife are all part of the beauty of the OZARK'S.

Come and discover Bull Shoals Lake for yourself. You'll love it!

Snorkeling Bull Shoals Lake

Snorkeling the waters of Bull Shoals Lake is a wonderful way to enjoy the world below the surface. During the summer, the water is very warm, almost bath like, and very conducive to swimming. With mask, fins, and snorkel in place, one begins to explore the vast underwater world. The first thing one notices is the clarity of the water. Unpolluted and lacking aquatic vegetation, the water is usually "gin clear". Massive schools of shiny, metallic minnows often join the snorkeler, darting n Nervously through the calm depths. The lake bottom usually replicates the adjoining shoreline, appearing as fields of rocks in more level spots, and vanishing into a dark abyss at the foot of a steep bluff. Snorkeling along a bluff, one may view underwater s which have a depth of several feet to the unknown. Small mouth bass frequent these areas and their bronze, speckled forms appear from the hole in the rock, quickly swimming away to avoid intrusion. The snorkeler may be startled as a large, fat flathead catfish lumbers along the bottom, then suddenly appearing shark like as it pursues a crippled sunfish. Largemouth bass and blue gill display their vivid colors of green, blue and gold as they curiously swim up to the snorkeler. Snorkeling in the shallow waters, one may see the crumbling remains of building foundations, appearing as ruins of a lost civilization. Trees, dead, and waterlogged, rise from the depths and remain standing, a testimony to the once forested lake bottom.


Elevations, feet above mean sea level
Top of flood control pool .........695
Top of conservation pool ..........654
Surface area of lake, acres
At top of flood control pool ...71,240
At top of conservation pool ....45,440
Storage capacities, acre feet
Flood control ...............2,360,000
Power draw down and dead ....3,048,000
Lake Total ..................5,408,000
Shoreline length, miles
At top of flood control pool ....1,050
At top of conservation pool .......740